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Duke’s Court Travel Management provides tailor-made business travel solutions. We never forget that fast, efficient service is central to the needs of our clients. Many people think that the internet is now the only option when booking travel, however we’d dispute this.
The internet is great, going online to make standardised purchases is both quick and easy.
However business travel is NOT a standardised purchase.
Before placing your crucial business travel arrangements in the hands of an online booking engine ask yourself the following questions;
Does that booking engine have longstanding relationships with airlines?
Can it demonstrate planning flair and creativity?
Will it get you or your travellers out of a jam if a flight is cancelled at 2am?
Does it understand that attention to detail is at the heart of service provision?
OK, so these are rather flippant questions but we’ve talked to many clients who thought that the internet was the route to getting the best deals. When in truth what they were getting was off the shelf, standardised services which didn’t deliver the cost savings they promised or understood the varied requirements of the client as an individual.

Duke’s Court Travel Management doesn’t do off the shelf, to us every client is different and so are their travel requirements. Our Service Charter will tell you more.

Our Atol number 3045

AirwaysOffer End DateBusiness ClassLow season fare fromTax 
TURKISH AIRLINE £ 1149+ £ 385.89Book
Oman AirwaysNo service to Nepal yet after covid-19£ 1705+ £ 419.61Book
Qatar Airways-LHR40kg£ 1730+ £ 1112.26Book
EmiratesFrom Dubai to KTM flydubai airways£ 2046+ £ 1511.78Book
TATA SIA AIRLINES LIMITED23kg x 2=46kg£ 2164+ £ 270.64Book
Etihad Airways £ 2468+ £ 254.61Book
                               LON - HKG - KTM
Qatar Airways-  London- 0207 341 6063  Qatar Airways-  London- 0207 341 6063  Qatar Airways-  London- 0207 341 6063 
Nepal 4440467 / 4440376
Etihad airways-
London- 0203 450 7300 
Nepal 4233548
Gulf Airways
-London- 0844 493 1717 
Nepal- 4113280
Jet Airways
-London- 0808 101 1199 
Nepal - 4446375
Air India-
London- 0208 560 9996 
 Nepal- 4410906
Oman Airways,-
 London 0208 757 4984-
 Nepal -4482281
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